Baluran Birds

Hirundo rustica

Hirundo-rustica-03-400Hirundo rustica , Barn Swallow , Layang-layang apiFlying, the swallow is most graceful. Its effortless twisting and turning in search of food is a...

Lonchura oryzivora

Lonchura-oryzivoraLonchura oryzivora, Java Sparrow, Gelatik Jawa

Java Sparrows are large, full-bodied finches. Measuring over 5-1/2" long. They have...

Ketupa ketupum

Ketupa-ketupum-02-800Ketupa ketupum, Buffy Fish-owl, Beluk Ketupa

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The Buffy Fish-owl (Ketupa ketupu) is a species of owl in the Strigidae family...

Pachycephala-grisola, Mangrove Whistler, Kancilan Tuna-warna

Pachycephala-grisola, Mangrove Whistler, Kancilan Tuna-warnaPachycephala-grisola, Mangrove Whistler, Kancilan Tuna-warna

The Mangrove Whistler (Pachycephala grisola) is a species of bird in the...

Leptopilus javanicus

Leptopilus-javanicus-02Leptopilus javanicus, Lesser Adjutant, Bangau tongtong

The Lesser Adjutant, Leptoptilos javanicus, is a large wading bird in the stork family...

Pavo muticus

pavo-01-800Pavo muticus, Green Peafowl, Merak hidjau

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The Green Peafowl, Pavo muticus is a large Galliform bird that is found in the...

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