East Java Museum

East Java, Blitar Museum

Blitar-MuseumEast Java, Blitar Museum

BLITAR, - MUSEUM Bung Karno. A number of students are in front of one painting to the President of the RI-1, Ir...

East Java, Dewaruci

Dewaruci-01-800East Java, Dewaruci

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The cadets climbing the masts were a particularly huge attraction. Among the spectators were family...

East Java, Kediri Airlangga Museum

Kediri-Airlangga-MuseumKediri Airlangga Museum

Airlangga. Museum is located dikomplek klotok type Mountains this is not too large, but the collection is pretty much...

East Java, Lamongan, Sunan Drajat Museum

Lamongan-Sunan-Drajat-MuseumEast Java, Lamongan, Sunan Drajat Museum

Sunan Drajat is one of the charismatic of an Islam spreaders in Java who is called Wali Songo. He was...

East Java, Malang Brawijaya Museum

Malang-Brawijaya-MuseumEast Java, Malang Brawijaya Museum

Located on Pasar Ijen, Malang. The museum exhibits many historical things, especially wars equipment that used...

East Java, Ngawi Trinil Museum

Ngawi-Trinil-MuseumEast Java, Ngawi Trinil Museum

Trinil Museum is located about 12 kilometers in the west of Ngawi is in same direction of Soerjo monument. It...

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