Dutch former Colonies, Asia, India, Coromandel

India,  Coromandel Dutch former Colonies, Asia, India, Coromandel

India Coromandel  (East coast of India)

 Golkonda, trading since 1634, Factory of...

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Malaysia

fort, voc, malakka, malaccaDutch former Colonies, Asia, Malaysia


Malakka-1724The Dutch captured Malacca on the west coast of Malaya (now West Malaysia) in...

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, India, Malabar

India,  Malabar, vocDutch former Colonies, Asia, India, Malabar

India Malabar (Southern part of West coast India)

Lured by the possibility of trade with India...

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Myanmar, Burma

BirmaDutch former Colonies, Asia, Myanmar, Burma

Mrohaung (Arakan), Factory 1625-1665
Siriangh (or Syriam), Factory  of 1635-1679

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Japan

fort, voc, japan, hirado, decima, firandoDutch former Colonies, Asia, Japan

DecimaHirado, Factory from 1609 to 1641.
Nagasaki (Deshima), Factory from 1641 to 1800.

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Persia ( Iran )

Persia,  Iran , IsaphanDutch former Colonies, Asia, Persia ( Iran )

IsaphanClick to Enlarge !Feest-van-Hussein´s-dood-in-Perzie-1689.jpg* Esfahan (of Ispahan)...

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