Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Taiwan ( Formosa )

fort, voc,taiwan, formosa, fort zeelandiaDutch former Colonies, Asia, Taiwan ( Formosa )

Fort-Zealandia-TaiwanPehou (Peng-Hu)
Tayouan, 1624 to February 1662, Factory. Fort...

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Yemen

Yemen, Al Mukha, Mocca, AdenDutch former Colonies, Asia, Yemen



* Al Mukha (Mocca), (1620-16.. / 1697-1757)The VOC base in Mocha, today known as Al-Mukha...

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Thailand ( Siam )

fort, voc, Thailand ,  Siam , Judea,Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Thailand ( Siam )

Judea,-de-old-capital-of-Siam-1663Ayutthaya (also known Ajodja, Judia or Judea), Factory...

Dutch former Colonies, Asia, Vietnam, Cambodja

fort, voc,Vietnam, tonkin, faifo, hanoiDutch former Colonies, Asia, Vietnam, Cambodja

Dutch-settlement-on-Lawec-in-Cambodja-1663 Tonkin, Factory from 1637 to 1699. Main...

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