Central Indonesia Old Forts

Gorontalo Fort Oranje

Gorontalo Fort Oranje


In the past, the people living around Fort Oranje were ethnics from...

NTT Solor Lohayong Fort Lohayong/Henricus

NTT Solor Lohayong Fort Lohayong/Henricus

http://www.bentengindonesia.org/benteng.php?id=434Fort Lohayong or Fort Henricus is made of stone...

Gorontalo Otanaha Fort

Gorontalo Otanaha Fort

http://www.bentengindonesia.org/benteng.php?id=216Benteng Otanaha is a tourist attraction located on a hill in the Village...

NTT Sumbawa Bonto Hamlet Fort Asakota

NTT Sumbawa Bonto Hamlet Fort Asakota


The fort is located in Kolo hamlet which is around...

North Sulawesi Fort Amurang

North Sulawesi Fort Amurang



Fort Amurang is located in the center of...

South Kalimantan Tabanio Fort Tabanio

South Kalimantan Tabanio Fort Tabanio


Tabanio is a strategic area with high...

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