Crocus sativus

Crocus sativusSaffronSafranIridaceae 


Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)
Plant family: Iridaceae (iris family)
Saffron originates...

Elettaria cardamomum

Elettaria-cardamomum-01-800Elettaria cardamomumCardamomKapulagaZingiberaceae Click to enlarge !


Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum )
Plant family: Zingiberaceae...

Cryptocarya massoia

Cryptocarya massoia MassoiaMassoiaLauraceae 


The massoia tree is a medium-sized tree of the Lauracean family from New Guinea. It...

Myristica fragrans

Myristica-fragransMyristica fragransNutmegPaleMyristicaceae 


The fruit this tree from Indonesia is nutmeg, now cultivated commercially mainly in...

Cuminum cyminum

Cuminum-cyminum-01-800Cuminum cyminumCuminJintenApiaceae Click to enlarge !

 Cumin (Cuminum cyminum )
Plant family: Apiaceae (parsley family)

Pimenta dioica

Pimenta-dioicaPimenta dioica

All spice Myrtaceae


The spice or condiment, allspice, is made from the dried, unripe fruit of the allspice or...

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