Pimpinella anisum

Pimpinella-anisumPimpinella anisumAnise

Jinten manisApiaceae 


Anise or Aniseed, less commonly anĂ­s (stressed on the first syllable) (Pimpinella...

Piper nigrum

Piper-nigrumPiper nigrumPepperMericaPiperaceae 


Highly regarded as a condiment, this is probably the most widely used spice in the world today...

Piper betle

Piper betle

Pepperleaf bettleBetel



A green leafy vine growing as a ground cover or small climber, very similar in...

Piper retrofractum

Piper-retrofractumPiper retrofractum

Bali pepperGuplikanPiperaceae 


The tiny berries, which merge to a single, rod-like structure which bears some...

Piper cubeba

Piper cubeba

Cubeb pepperKemukas



Cubeba pepper (Javanese pepper, Piper cubeba)
Plant family: Piperaceae (pepper...

Syzygium aromaticum

Syzygium-aromaticumSyzygium aromaticumClovesCenkehMyrtaceae 


Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum
Plant family: Myrtaceae (myrtle family)
Origin: The clove...

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