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Dendrobium Orchids 43 Pages  Dendrobium amethystoglossum
Amethest Colored DendrobiumDendrobium anosmum
Unscented DendrobiumDendrobium...

Dendrobium auriculatum

Eared Dendrobium , Dendrobium auriculatumDendrobium auriculatumEared Dendrobium

Click to Enlarge ! auriculatum Ames & Quisumb. 1932


Dendrobium amethystoglossum

Amethest Colored Dendrobium, Dendrobium amethystoglossumDendrobium amethystoglossumAmethest Colored Dendrobium amethystoglossum Rchb. f. 1872

Common Name...

Dendrobium bicaudatum

Dendrobium-bicaudatumDendrobium bicaudatumTwo-Tailed Dendrobium bicaudatum Reinw. ex Lindl. 1859

Common Name The Two-Tailed...

Dendrobium anosmum

Dendrobium-anosmumDendrobium anosmumUnscented Dendrobium anosmum Lindley 1845

Common Name Unscented Dendrobium [A misnomer...

Dendrobium bullenianum

Bullen's Dendrobium, Dendrobium bullenianumDendrobium bullenianumBullen's Dendrobium

Click to Enlarge ! bullenianum Rchb.f 1862

Common Name...

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