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Cattleya aclandiae
 Lady Ackland's CattleyaCattleya amethystoglossa
Amethest Lipped CattleyaCattleya...

Cattleya araguaiensis

Araguaia Cattleya, Cattleya araguaiensisCattleya araguaiensisAraguaia Cattleya araguaiensis Pabst 1967 SUBGENUS Stellata Withner

Common Name...

Cattleya acklandiae

Lady Ackland's Cattleya , Cattleya  aclandiaeCattleya acklandiaeLady Ackland's Cattleya

Click to Enlarge ! acklandiae Lindl. 1840 SUBGENUS Aclandia...

Cattleya aurantiaca

Orange Cattleya , Cattleya aurantiacaCattleya aurantiacaOrange Cattleya

Click to Enlarge ! aurantiaca [Bateman ex Lindley]P.N. Don 1840...

Cattleya amethystoglossa

Amethest Lipped Cattleya , Cattleya amethystoglossaCattleya amethystoglossaAmethest Lipped Cattleya

Click to Enlarge ! amethystoglossa Linden & Rchb. f...

Cattleya aurea

Golden Yellow Cattleya , Cattleya aureaCattleya aureaGolden Yellow Cattleya

Click to Enlarge ! aurea Linden 1883 SUBGENUS Cattleya

Common Name...

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