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Anguloa Orchids 10 pages

Anguloa brevilabris
Short-Lipped AnguloaAnguloa cliftonii
Clifton's AnguloaAnguloa clowesii

Anguloa clowesii

 Cradle , Tulip Orchid , Clowes Anguloa, Anguloa clowesiiAnguloa clowesiiTulip Orchid

Click to Enlarge ! clowesii Lindley 1844

Common Name Cradle or Tulip Orchid -...

Anguloa brevilabris

Anguloa-brevilabris-01-800Anguloa brevilabrisShort-Lipped Anguloa

Click to Enlarge ! brevilabris Rolfe 1915

Common Name The...

Anguloa dubia

Doubtful Anguloa, Anguloa dubiaAnguloa dubiaDoubtful Anguloa dubia Rchb.f. 1882

Fragrance, Deep Shade, Warm, cool ,Spring...

Anguloa cliftonii

Anguloa-cliftoniiAnguloa cliftoniiClifton's Anguloa cliftonii Rolfe 1910

Common Name Clifton's Anguloa [English Orchid Grower...

Anguloa eburnea

Ivory White Anguloa , Anguloa eburneaAnguloa eburneaIvory White Anguloa eburnea B.S. Williams 1868 Photo by © Jay Pfahl

Fragrance, Deep Shade...

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