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Ada alleni
Allen's AdaAda andreettae
Andreetta's AdaAda aurantiaca
Red-orange AdaAda...

Ada aurantiaca, Red-orange Ada

Ada-aurantiaca-01-800Ada aurantiacaRed-orange AdaAda aurantiaca : Red-orange Ada (NW. Venezuela to Ecuador). 

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Ada alleni, Allen's Ada

Allen's Ada, Ada alleniiAda alleniAllen's Ada alleni
Common Name or Meaning Allen's Ada [American Botanist in Central America...

Ada bennettiorum, Bennett's Ada

Bennett's Ada, Ada bennettiorumAda bennettiorumBennett's Ada bennettiorum Dodson 1989

Common Name or Meaning The Bennett's Ada...

Ada andreettae, Andreetta's Ada

Andreetta's Ada, Ada andreettaeAda andreettaeAndreetta's Ada andreettae Dodson 1993

Full shade Warm Cool Spring

Common Name or Meaning Father...

Ada brachypus, Short Column Foot Ada

Short Column Foot Ada , Ada brachypusAda brachypusShort Column Foot Ada brachypus (Rchb. f.) N.H. Williams 1972

Common Name The Short Column...

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