Cultivar Pitcairnia Jim Scrivner

Pitcairnia Jim Scrivner     Bromelioideae

Pitcairnia Jim Scrivner

Pitcairnia is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Pitcairnioideae. It was named for Dr. William Pitcairn, English physician and gardener (1711-1791). The genus Pitcairnia ranks as the second most prolific of the bromeliad family (after Tillandsia). They are most abundant in Colombia, Peru and Brazil, but can also be found in areas from Cuba and Mexico south to Argentina. One species, Pitcairnia feliciana is found in tropical West Africa and is the only member of the Bromeliaceae family not found in the New World.

Almost all Pitcairnias are terrestrial or saxicolous, and prefer moist areas. However, many are found growing epiphytically in trees.
44 Pitcairnia species had been classified in the genus Pepinia. Pepinia was first established as a subgenus by Lyman Smith and then elevated to a genus by Varadarajan and Gilmatin based on the absence of seed appendages. A molecular study has confirmed that these plants are not an independent genus, and are correctly classified within Pitcairnia