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Alamanda violacea, Alamanda, Allamanda kakaoAllamanda blancetiiAllamandaAlamandaApocynaceae 


Family Apocynaceae.Exceptional among the species of this genus in having flowers...

Acalypha hispida

Acalypha-hispidaAcalypha hispidaRed cat's talesEkor kucingEuphorbiaceae 


Thought to be from Malaysia, this upright, soft-stemmed shrub is grown for its...

Averhoa carambola

Averhoa carambola, Carambola, Bilimbing manisAverhoa carambolaCarambolaBelimbing manisOxalidaceae 


In cultivation this species of rather upright form normally makes a small tree...

Adenium obesum

bonsai-Adenium-obesum-01-800Adenium obesumAdeniumAdeniumApocynaceae 

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 Adenium obesum is a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family...

Bonsai Bougainvillea

bonsai-Bougainvillea-01-800BougainvilleaBougainvilleaBunga kertasNyctaginaceae 

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A Guide to Growing Bougainvillea...

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