Amyda cartilaginea , Asian Soft Shell Turtle

Amyda cartilaginea

Asian Soft Shell Turtle

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This large freshwater turtle inhabits streams in forests and agicultural areas. By day it lies hidden in stream margins, but at night it becomes active searching for food.

The carapace, which is oval-rounded in shape, is of variable colour and sometimes bears lighter spots. The species is most easily identified by the spotted pattern of the head. The neck is long, thick and flexible. The forefeet in particular bear extremely sharp claws used for digging in muddy or sandy sediments. Its diet is variable and includes insects, crustaceans, fish, vegetation and carrion.

The Malayan Soft-shell Turtle is wide-ranging from Burma, Thailand and Indochina to Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Sumatra and Java.