Tarsius bancanus, Western tarsier

Tarsius bancanus, Western tarsierTarsius bancanus

 Western tarsierHorsfield's Tarsier (Tarsiusbancanus), also known as the Western Tarsier, is a species of...

Tarsius-dianae, Dian's Tarsier


 Dian's Tarsier

Dian's Tarsier (Tarsius dentatus) also known as Diana Tarsier, is a nocturnal primate found and endemic to...

Tarsius pumilus, Pygmy Tarsier

Tarsius-pumilusTarsius pumilus

 Pygmy Tarsier

The Pygmy Tarsier (Tarsius pumilus), also known as the MountainTarsier or the Lesser Spectral Tarsier, is a...

Tarsius-spectrum, Eastern Tarsier


 Eastern Tarsier

This nocturnal species has large eyes and large ears that are mobile. This species lacks a...

Tarsius-bancanus-borneanus, Horsfield's Tarsier, Tangkasi Kalimantan


 Horsfield's Tarsier, Tangkasi Kalimantan

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Horsfield's Tarsier (Tarsius bancanus), also...