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Acanthophis antarcticus, Death Adder

Acanthophis antarcticus, Death AdderAcanthophis antarcticus

 Death AdderThe Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus), is a species of Death Adder native to Australia. It is...

Aeromys-tephromelas, Black Flying Squirrel

Aeromys-tephromelas Aeromys-tephromelas

 Black Flying Squirrel

The Black Flying Squirrel or Large Black Flying Squirrel (Aeromys tephromelas) is a...

Acerodon celebensis, Sulawesi Fruit Bat

Acerodon-celebensisAcerodon celebensis, Sulawesi Fruit Bat 

The Sulawesi Flying Fox or Sulawesi Fruit Bat (Acerodon celebensis) is a species of megabat in the...

Ahaetulla prasina, Green Whip Snake

Ahaetulla-prasina-01-800Ahaetulla prasina

 Green Whip Snake

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Ahaetulla is agenus of colubrid snakes commonly referred to as vine snakes, or...

Acrochordus granulatus, Indian Wart Snake

Acrochordus granulatus, Indian Wart SnakeAcrochordus granulatus

 Indian Wart SnakeAcrochordus granulatus is a snake species found from India through Southeast Asia to the Solomon...

Ailurops-ursinus-ursinus, Sulawesi Bear Cuscus,

Sulawesi Bear Cuscus,
Sulawesi Bear Phalanger, KuskusThe Sulawesi Bear Cuscus or Sulawesi Bear Phalanger...

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