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Most of the info is from Wikipaedia and when it was possible from Naturia Singapore .
Pictures from Wikipaedia, Arkive, , Oriental Bird Images, Mandroverde, and PBase
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12 Woodswallows, 12 with pictures and pages


Grallina cyanoleuca,
Branjanganlumpur Australia
Grallina bruijni,
Torrentlark, Branjanganlumpur Sungai
Artamus leucorhynchus,
White-breasted Wood-Swallow,
Kekep,Burung Buah

Artamus monachus,
Ivory-backed Woodswallow,
Kekep Sulawesi

Cracticus-mentalis-th Cracticus-cassicus-th
Artamus maximus,
Great Woodswallow,
Kekep Besar
Artamus cinereus,
Black-faced Woodswallow,
Kekep Hitam
Black-backed Butcherbird,
Jagal Leher-putih
Cracticus cassicus,
Hooded Butcherbird,
Jagal Papua
Cracticus quoyi,
Black Butcherbird,
Jagal Hitam
Gymnorhina tibicen,
Australian Magpie,
Jagal Punggung-hitam
Ailuroedus buccoides,
White-eared Catbird, Burungkucing Kuping-putih
Ailuroedus melanotis,
Spotted Catbird,
Burungkucing Tutul