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Chalcopsitta-atra-th-02Birds of Indonesia

Most of the info is from Wikipaedia and when it was possible from Naturia Singapore .
Pictures from Wikipaedia, Arkive,...

Alisterus amboinensis

Alisterus-amboinensis-02-800Alisterus amboinensis, Moluccan king parrot, Nuri raja, Nuri ambon

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The Moluccan King Parrot, Alisterus amboinensis, is a...

Alisterus chloropterus

Alisterus-chloropterus-02-800Alisterus chloropterus, Papuan King Parrot, Nuriraja Sayap-kuning

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The Papuan King Parrot (Alisterus chloropterus), also...

Aprosmictus-erythropterus, Red-winged parrot

Aprosmictus-erythropterus-01-800Aprosmictus-erythropterus, Red-winged parrot

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The Red-winged parrot is typically about 30 to 33 cm (12-13 in) inlength...

Cacatua alba

Cacatua-alba-01-400Cacatua alba, White Cockatoo, Kakatua PutihThe White Cockatoo, Cacatua alba (also known as the Umbrella Cockatoo) is a medium-sized, up to 46 cm...

Cacatua citrinocristata

Cacatua-sulphurea-citrinocristata-01-400  Cacatua citrinocristata, Yellow-crested cockatoo , Kakatua cempakaThis bird is native to Sumba, and Indonesian island. They inhabit open...

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