Gunung Batur Area

- Gunung Batur Area

Gunung-Batur-Area_to-800Gunung Batur Area

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This Gunung Batur area is like a giant bowl, with the bottom half covered by water and a set of volcanic...



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Appropriately, Penelokan means 'place to look' and you'll be stunned by the view across to Gunung Batur and down...

Batur & Kintamani

Kintamani-800Batur & Kintamani

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The villages of Batur and Kintamani now virtually run together. Kintamani is famed for its large and...



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The road gradually climbs along the crater rim beyond Kintamani, and is often shrouded in clouds, mist or rain...

Kedisan & Buahan

Kedisan-800Kedisan & Buahan

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Buahan is a pleasant 15-minute stroll from Kedisan, and has market gardens going right down to...



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Two kilometres around the lake from Toya Bungkah, Songan is a large and interesting village with market gardens...

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