Danau Bratan Area

- Danau Bratan Area

Danau-Bratan-AreaDanau Bratan Area

As you approach from the south, you grad­ually leave the rice terraces behind and ascend into the cool, often misty...



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Often misty, Candikuning is home to the fun and attractions of a good botanical garden as well as one of...

Antosari Road

Antosari--800Antosari Road

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Although most people cross the mountains via Candikuning or Kintamani, there is a very scenic third...

Danau Buyan & Danau Tamblingan

Buyan-800Danau Buyan & Danau Tamblingan

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Northwest of Danau Bratan are two more lakes, Danau Buyan and Danau Tamblingan –...



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'Bedugul' is sometimes used to refer to the whole lakeside area, but strictly speaking it's just the first place...

Gunung Batukau Area

Batukau_tone-800Gunung Batukau Area

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Gunung Batukau is Bali's second-highest mountain (2276m), the third of Bali's three major mountains...

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