Bali Palaces

- Balinese palaces become tourist attractions

bali-01-800Balinese palaces become tourist...

Denpasar, Pemecutan palace

Denpasar-Pemecutan-palace-01Denpasar, Pemecutan palace

Pemecutan palace was built in the 17th century in the era of Pemecutan Kingdom in Denpasar. It is one of the...

Buleleng, Singaraja, Royal Palace of Singaraja

Buleleng-puputan-01-800Buleleng, Singaraja, Royal Palace of Singaraja

The Raja of Buleleng martyred with 400...

Denpasar, Puri Agung Jro Kuta

puri-jro-kutaDenpasar, Puri Agung Jro Kuta

  Traditional Balinese palatial architecture is the main attribute of the Jro Kuta Palace. It's Pemerajan Agung...

Denpasar, Kesiman Palace

Puri-Kesiman-01-800Denpasar, Kesiman Palace

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Pelebon Puri Kesiman, Denpasar

Cremation in Bali  Located nearby Petilan Temple, Kesiman Palace...

Karangasem, Amlapura, Grand Palace

Waterpalace-amlapura-01-800Karangasem, Amlapura,  Grand Palace

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Taman Soekada Ujung

The promise of floating pavilions, lotus ponds, fluted...

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