Bali Intro

- Bali Map

Bali Map, bali, map,petaBali map and Introduction

Car license number: DK

Check out the hotels in Bali near kuta beach for your best convenience.

Sports and other...

Bali Map

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 A very interesting marine life Website with a short movie !!...

Bali Central and North

Bali Round trip, bali map,bali, tripBali Central and North

The best way to discover Bali¬∑is just traveling around¬∑everything happens on the road... 
You just follow the...

Bali South Map

Map Bali South, Map Bali , map nusa dua, map, tanjung benoa, uluwatu, Bali South Map


As a pearl of Bali, Kuta is one of the best beaches in...

Bali East Map

East Bali Map, bali map, karangasem, ahmed, candidasa, Bali East Map

Take your time,drive slow,there's so much to see underway..

The "Mother Temple" and East Bali
Drive to Besakih through various...

Bedugul Area Map

Bali Bedugul Map, bali map, bedugul, geo thermal energy, Bedugul Area Map

Bedugul Geothermal Project still in LimboA geothermal power plant in central Bali that was to supply almost half the...

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