Bali Festivals and Dances

bali art festival

bali-art-festival-01bali art festival

The annual Bali Arts Festival provides an opportunity for the artists and people to develop, explore, preserve, and...

Bali, baris dance

baris-dance-01-800Bali, baris dance

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Baris is a traditional war dance of Bali, accompanied by gamelan, in which a solo dancer depicts the...

Bali gabor dance

bali-gabor-dance--01Bali gabor dance

GABOR DANCE. The Gabor Dance is a dance for women which is a variation of the Pendet Dance. The Gabor Dance is a sacrificial...

Bali, Barong Dance

Barong-Dance-01Bali, Barong Dance

The are several versions of the Barong Dance, as Bali has an abundance of myths and legends. There is Barong Ket, Barong Asu...

Bali, Adat Dress

bali-adat-01-800Bali, Adat Dress

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Balinese temple dress, which is called adat dress, is not a matter of choice, nor is it a fashion...

bali, frog Dance

bali-frog-Dance-01bali,Frog Dance

Animals, their behaviors and movements are the source of inspiration for many Balinese choreographers to create new Balinese...

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