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JED Jaringan Ekowisata Desa Village Ecotourism NetworkJED Village Ecotourism Network

Explore the forgotten parts of Bali
with JED, a...

Bedugul, Baturiri, Saranam Eco-Resort

Saranam-Eco-ResortBedugul, Baturiri, Saranam Eco-Resort

Welcome to Saranam Eco-Resort

Replenish your lungs with the cool...

Amed, Selang Resort

Selang-Resort_to-800Amed, Selang Resort

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This romantic resort is situated in the rain shadow of holy mountains...

Bedugul, Eco Village, Kiadan Pelaga

Eco-Village-Kiadan-PelagaBedugul, Eco Village, Kiadan Pelaga

Kiadan Pelaga Village – Coffee in the clouds.

In and around...

Bedugul Bali Eco Village

Bali Eco Village

Come and experience the beautiful, undisturbed, natural surroundings of...

Budakeling offers holiday package

Budakeling-01Budakeling offers holiday...

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