Bali Beaches

Double Six Beach

Double-Six-Beach-01800Double Six Beach

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Double Six Beach There are so many expatriates and residents coming to this beach. Normally they swim...

Impossibles Beach

Impossibles-Beach-01Impossibles Beach

Down the Peninsula from Padang-Padang, this long stretch of white-sand beach is free of warungs and people, and still...

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland-01-800Dreamland Beach

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The coast that enchanted...

Jemeluk Beach

Jemeluk-Beach-01-800Jemeluk Beach

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Jemeluk beach is...

Geger Beach

Geger-Beach-01Geger Beach

Geger Beach On the way to Nikko Hotel, after Bali Golf, there is a valley which end in Geger Beach. At the Geger Beach, you can see...

Jerman Beach

Jerman-Beach-800Jerman Beach

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German contractors lived on this beach in Tuban while constructing the airport in the 1970s, thus the name...

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